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Aero Coaching

Our services around aero coaching include support in data analytics, aero testing attendance, individual and tailored aero tips, support in pre- and post- competition analysis, finding a comfortable aero position for long-distance races or show how to get a UCI compatible set-up of a TT bike.



Power to CdA: use recorded power data to measure your air resistance and optimize position and equipment.


Power to Speed: use recorded data from a real ride, especially GPS and power data, to analyse the effect of different set ups including aerodynamic settings. Pre- and post-competition analysis.


Course to Speed: download GPS course data and analyse different settings, especially useful to do pre-race analysis.



Product Features

  • Estimate CdA based on recorded data (incl. Chung Method)
  • Load course & power data (example courses included) in different formats including FIT
  • Set up of bike and rider data
  • Specify wind conditions
  • Simultaneous calculation of 5 settings
  • Analyse yaw angle distribution to optimize your material
  • Analyse race time
  • Sector analysis and best race set
  • Unlimited number of calculations
  • Available in English and German
  • User guide
  • Java based