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Inspired by the Tour de France's 2016 individual time trial, where the optimal set up between a time trial bike and a normal bike for a difficult up- and downhill course was discussed, we have developed a tool to find an optimal set up with real GPS and power data. This may be used for time trials and triathlon circuits.



Our tools are based on MS Excel. so easy to use. Three applications are available:

  • Power to Speed: use recorded data from a real ride, especially GPS and power data, to analyse the effect of different set ups including aerodynamic settings
  • Course to Speed: download GPS course data and analyse different settings, especially useful to do pre-race analysis
  • Simple Calculator: use different parameters to calculate average power, your speed, or your drag coefficient


  • Load course & power data (example courses included)
  • Set up of bike and rider data
  • Specify wind conditions
  • Estimate CdA based on body height and weight or frontal area
  • Simultaneous calculation of 5 settings
  • Analyse yaw angle distribution to optimize your material
  • Analyse race time
  • Sector analysis and best race set
  • Unlimited number of calculations
  • Available in English and German
  • User guide


Triathlon Hamburg - Be Prepared

Triathlon Hamburg
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Tool Insights

Press on below scren shots to get an insight on the analysis capabilities of our applications:


Tour de France 2016 - Stage 18

Watch the analysis of the Tour de France's stage 18 in 2016
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